12 The Week That Got Away
I saw someone else numbering their posts, and I thought that was pretty cool. They're up to 380 or so! I hope to get there some day!

This week got a bit out of control from me, and I spent a little longer on commission work than I should have. That said, I did manage to get a page drawn yesterday, and I'm hoping I can get a little more drawn today and tomorrow. Here's some screenshots:

Above: what this page spread looked like last week. I have some vague pencil drawings in almost all of the panels, but nothing really concrete (except in panels 1,  2, and 3)

Above: panel one was a quick portrait, and I didn't even think to take a screen cap of it. Panel two is an establishing shot of the bookstore that the soldiers will be hiding in. I tried to do a white crosshatch on the outside borders of the panel, and I don't think it worked as well as I wanted it to. I think that technique might work well for flashbacks - and although these are all technically flashbacks, I don't think it works well. That's okay though, not every panel needs to be perfect!

Above: after drawing the damp and moldy boxes in the foreground, I started drawing the soldiers exploring with flashlights. I realized quickly that they probably wouldn't walk around without their guns at the ready, especially in a city-state as dangerous as Pangaea.

Above: tried to draw the soldiers so it implies they have lights on their guns. Maybe duct taped? Maybe held in their off hand? I don't know. I'm making this stuff up as I go!

Above: the final inking of the panel with more clutter and junk coming down from the ceiling.

Above: last panel on the page. Soldiers eating rations and hearing a weird "singing" coming from the back rooms that they'd already explored!

Okay, I'm going to try to get as much done today so that I'll have something to post tomorrow as well! If not, I'll see you all next week!

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