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"Sigils" is here!
 Hi friends,

It's here! I'm thrilled to send into your waiting hands "Sigils." Here's the blurb:

The City of Mages is built, but it is not safe. One of the mages is murdering the others, and Resident 5613 has been assigned to find out why--and stop the murderer if they can.

The story is attached here in the following formats: PDF, MOBI, and EPUB. 

This one's different than a lot of my other Aerdh stuff. The Magi are explored in greater depth--so if you've had wonderings about how the City of Mages came to be, this story fills in some of those gaps. And while there is the requisite amount of social justice navel gazing in this one, as always, this one is also a murder mystery. 

As always, thank you for reading! Reviews are welcome and appreciated if you feel so moved! "Sigils" has a Goodreads page here.