121212 giveaway: win ONE calendar
I'm going to give away a desktop calendar to one of my 6.66$ and UP donation patrons. Since I have your address(unless you don't want to do that). Choice of Fara or demongirl.

I'm doing a separate giveaway in general livestream goodness for 121212 celebration. I'll name that later. Involves prints, postcards, mugs and a calendar, etc

For this one, remember YOU made it possible for me to gather funds to make this stuff. I will be giving credit to those responsible in any next stream celebrating this.

so - I can't stream on Tuesday, the world already ends. So maybe Thursday,Friday,Sat etc. a jam or something just for patreon people!

[ Comment with a top 2 choices for watching. So far Thursday would be hard to do, but would be about 10pm here, Friday 11, Sat is up in the air like chimney smoke on a cold day (7? 8? midnight?). . . .  .Usually at LEAST 1 hour long, sometimes up to 3 hours. ]

See my last post for issues and etc. I like to make sure I don't have to backtrack before weird things come up.

Also gathering addresses! if you have no address in the patreon system, I assume you just didn't care about mailed stuff and just up for supporting. One time supporters are important too! I'll be including those who left on credits.