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The Line Rider Archival Project

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I’m so happy to finally release this to the public! I’ve spent more time on this project than anything before in my life (about 1400 hours over 18 months). The final product is over 130 GB, includes over 1,000 creators, and contains over 25,000 files. These include Line Rider videos, track files, screenshots, builds, Wayback Machine HTML pages, and more - all painstakingly organized and indexed, complete with cross-referencing.

In a way I started this archive back in 2008, when I started saving my favorite Line Rider videos to my computer so I could be sure I would always have them. In another way I started it in 2011, when ZNF’s YouTube channel was hit with a series of copyright takedowns that caused the entire channel to be deleted and I set up a YouTube channel to reupload as many tracks that could be found. But I formally began this project in January 2016, when I realized that Line Rider videos disappearing off YouTube (for various reasons) was happening with worrisome regularity, and decided to do something about it. That initial idea ended up expanding a ton and taking a year and a half! Honestly I didn’t imagine it would take that long when I started, but I found that I enjoyed the work, so I stuck with it and made it as thorough and complete as I could.

There were generally four stages in the process. The first stage of the process was downloading all the videos of well known Line Rider YouTube channels I could find, followed most of the less known YouTube channels I could find. The second stage was going through hundreds of thousands of Internet Archive Wayback Machine webpage snapshots from sites such as I Ride the Lines, Linerider .org, and Linerider .com, and saving the ones that I found relevant to Line Rider history, along with a bunch of additional YouTube channels I discovered in the process (this took forever). The third stage was making some long overdue video records of major contests, and digging through all the track files I had collected to put together the videos in the Archival Release series, which was lots of fun. The last stage was indexing all the files that needed to be cross referenced, and generally finalizing the whole thing and then uploading it. These stages didn’t exactly happen consecutively, but it’s a roughly accurate description of the process.

I decided to monetize this project, even though it wasn’t a Line Rider video, because I felt like it was an important and worthwhile endeavor. On the other hand, I’m only monetizing this as a “standard” project despite spending about 10 to 50 times the amount of time I would spend on the typical Line Rider track. Additionally, it costs me about $8 per month to pay for the Dropbox Pro account to host it (to be clear, I don't use it exclusively for this archive, but it takes up way more space than anything else). For those reasons, I’m going to put a PayPal donate button here, for anyone who came across this page and wants to throw few bucks my way for curating and maintaining the archive: 

Lastly, this archive is not a done deal, but will continue into the future as more Line Rider tracks are created. (I added a new video to the archive just yesterday!) In the future, I may look into expanding this archive by archiving things like the existing Line Rider websites, or the YouTube channel web pages themselves - but that’s something I’ll decide down the road. For now, I’m going to call it good, and get back to work on making Line Rider tracks!

Long Live Line Rider!
- Ben Harvey / Rabid Squirrel

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