Polytechnicast - Agile Day Reflecting
In this episode of the Polytechnicast I reflect on recent adventures leading up to Agile Day 2014, thoughts on the event, and why I resonate with the overall philosophy of the Agile community. Related Links and Resources - Agile Day 2014: http://devjam.com/agile-day-twin-cities-schedule/ - DevJam - David Hussman's Free Video Talks on Agile: http://devjam.com/cutting-an-agile-groove/ - Sketchnotes from Brandon Carlson's talk Reducing Product Arrogance: http://instagram.com/p/vZKZ1RtIJd/?modal=true - Some sketchnotes from Jeremy Kriegel's Sketch You Can! session #adtc2014: http://instagram.com/p/vZKZ1RtIJd/?modal=true - Art Soundoff #artsoundoff: http://artsoundoff.com - Support Lean Into Art creating Podcasts: http://www.patreon.com/leanintoart?u=59709&ty=p - Subscribe to the Polytechnicast RSS feed in your podcatcher: http://feeds.feedburner.com/ArtGeekZooPolytechnicast