Photogrammetric Rock 4
Hi Patrons!

Here is the 1st of 3 new realistic rocks (actually stones like previous ones but shhh ;) ).

This time it's only 8 LOD (Unity's limit), 64k (Unity's limit) to 500 tris, and textures are 4k² to 512² (divided by 2 each 2 meshes).

I provide both LODs seperated and combined into a single file (better for ingame integration/importation).

I also give you the "RAW" version (~3M tris) and its 8k diffuse texture.

I'm quite happy with these new rocks. My brother lend me a small LED panel I could fix on the flash port. It's more powerful than the weak leds from my custom softbox. The photos are way far less noisy so the texture is better.
Also I use photoscan better ; there is a masking tool which helps to avoid useless calculation on background points and so it increase the quality of the final mesh. =)

I work on the cluster versions now.


EDIT : added a 4k² textures version (1k² for occlusions) + better files   naming for consistency with newer rocks. Multi-archives due to Patreon   file size limitation.