Exercise & protein, man. Exercise & protein.
-Basically, any beginner can make decent gains upon starting a new exercise regimen... it's actually hard not to. N00b gainz.

-What's easier than doubling exercise volume? PROTEIN.

Protein Supplementation to Augment the Effects of High Intensity Resistance Training in Untrained Middle-Aged Males: The Randomized Controlled PUSH Trial (Wittke et al., 2017)

Four groups: 1) high intensity training (HIT); HIT + high protein diet (HIT+P) (1.6 g/kg/d); HIT + high volume (HVHIT); and control. Baseline protein intake was ~1.2 g/kg, so it was about a ~33% increase.

Duration: 22 weeks, which is long enough to actually make some measurable noob gainz.


Exercise alone (HIT) wasn't particularly effective but doubling the volume worked.  What's easier than doubling the volume?  PROTEIN. Protein is better than doubling the exercise volume for n00b gainz in LBM.

More gainz in leg & arm muscle mass and strength. Doubling the volume was slightly better for fat loss. CICO? Energy intake declined slightly in HIT but remained stable in HIT+P & HVHIT.

My take? Protein is way easier than double-volume high intensity training.

Protein & exercise, man. Protein & exercise.

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