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White People Ask: How is THAT Racist?
A lot of white people, in effect, have a standard for what is "racist" that boils down to "it's not racist if the person says it's not racist." It's a way of centering white people's perspectives - instead of asking "does this policy have racist effects" we ask "does the person who wrote this policy feel it was racist?" Instead of asking "do people of color experience this as racist," we ask "does the white person think that what they did was racist?""

It has the effect of defining racism down, way down, until only Nazis and Klansmen can be said to be racist. And very often, even those folks, when interviewed, deny that their worldview is racist.  "I'm not racist against anybody. I just think that white culture needs to be preserved and defended" and so on.

All of that is what this cartoon is trying to shine a light on. I hope you enjoy it.

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