When are Rewards sent out?
Digital Rewards are distributed after payment has cleared for the month you pledged for! So links to the  Monthly photo set, discord access, and all feed posts are all available as soon as you pledge! Monthly packages are sent out after the 1st of the following month after you pledge!~ Ie: You pledged on the 15th of Feb, You'll get all digital content ASAP! Your Package for February will be mailed out in MARCH!

Can I decline a reward?
You can turn down any of rewards if you like! Just let me know :) Each month I send a direct message for all physical rewards, so if you don't want these each month you don't have to get them! 

How does this work exactly?
Alright, so there is several tiers for rewards. They are all added up. So all you Heated Kiss tiers get EVERYTHING from all the other tiers, and so on forth.  Lets get started!

$1 -  Platonic Smooch
You get access to the Patreon member feed! The patreon feed will contain updates, polls to vote in for what content to see next and previews! You also will get full access to my Discord server! Please have your patreon account linked with discord to receive this reward!

$5 - Awkward First Kiss
All my WIP goes here! When It's concrunch time, I post ALOT here! I try to also post plans and design details as part of the WIP!  

You will also get a Personalized Fansign upon joining! 

I also will send out Christmas cards!


$10 - Butterfly Kiss
Access to my MONTHLY SFW content! Whats a normal/SFW shoot? It's going to be any of the stuff I typically post on other social media platforms. This is EARLY ACCESS! As for other platforms I'll post normally cropped and only once a day. With early access, you get access to the shoot in FULL HD, uncropped and no timegateing!  

ONTOP OF EARLY ACCESS! These shoots also include derps and extras. So that 5 photo set just turned into 300+! Granted most are...well derpy, but hey there is some charm to them!  These are Patreon exclusive!!

$20 -  Playful Kiss
Ahh the spicy tier. This will contain the MONTHLY SPICY set! These are photos that are not posted to social media! Lewds and other suggestive content full steam ahead! 

Bikini/Lingerie/Lewd/Implied Nude is considered NSFW here. Never any SHOWN nudity! Side boobs and butts however. yes please. 

Derps included and are PATREON EXCLUSIVE!! (and my god there is alot of them for the sexy shoots! I can't ever keep a straight face)

$35 -
 Steamy Kiss
Now we're talking~ This is our physical package tier! The package will contain 3 items:

Print will be 8x10 and can be ANY photo from THIS months Butterfly Kiss SET

Stickers  will be die-cut stickers, printed at 4" tall!  

Polaroids are unique!

The following month after payment has processed I will send a survery link asking about the photo pick! If I DO NOT hear from you within 48 hours of this message, I'll be sending you the DEFAULT one item displayed for the month's reward! 

$50 - Heated Kiss
Package upgrade!! You get a 11x17 poster included!
SPICY package choice! You may pick either the monthly Butterfly Kiss or Playful Kiss photos now!

$100 - Lovers Kiss
HOLY SHIT BALLS thank you. This is our Archive tier! You get THREE+ years of content, access to ALL sets and content. Thats over 100+ sets!!
Pick any past set for your Monthly Package as well!

Handy Dandy Chart for you guys!

What is the timeline for Prints?

The process for prints goes as follows (days will very, this is an example!): You Pledge Between the 1st and the 31st of the current month: 

  • On the 1st of the following month: I send out PM asking for which print
  • On the 3rd: I'll place the requested print into an order at my printers.  (If no request, it's default!)
  • On the 10th: Typically I get the prints back within 7 days! I'll start packaging them up with physical rewards for the month to ship out!
  • On the 12th:  KISSING AND KISSING PRINTS. It takes about 1-2 days for me to sign and kiss all prints and package them all up. On the 13th: Post office I go! They are mailed out then!
  • IF YOU ARE IN THE US: It takes roughly 3-4 business days to get your print. So you'll be seeing it around the 17th! 
  • IF YOU ARE INTERNATIONAL: It can take up to 3 WEEKS! so your rewards might not get there until almost the next month :( I also ONLY ship out international prints BI-MONTHLY due to insane shipping costs!

if anyone has any questions, please let me know. 

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