Words (A Soldier's Death)
Well, here it is!  Still one of the more difficult songs to write/perform of my career, but I hope my explanations made sense.  Enjoy!

Words you spoke like feathers
They hit me like they're stones
And shake the steely tethers
Of the apathetic lens I hold

Cause I'm a boy designed for immortal fights
With a useless, uncertain prize 

I know very well, living in this symbiotic hell
At least I'm not alone 

Let me rest a spell, 'til forgiveness learns to mask itself
As a means to atone 

So take what you love about me and lay it to rest
Just bring me the words you find, for what is left
If we're to die, on this hill send me instead
So I can be weak and die on my feet with a soldier's death

The candle feeds the flame
Glad to show its worth
Does it know it can't return?
That there is no second birth?

Yes, I know it all too well living in this symbiotic hell
I could not build alone 

Let me rest a spell in the endless fragments of myself
That can hardly make a whole 

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