Details on "+ Your Name in Each Comic" Reward Tier
When you pledge at $20/month you get your name at the end of each comic. Here's how it works:

- The Patrons List is located at the bottom of every comic online. When the comics go to print (someday!) your name will also be included in the print version on a "Patrons Page" at the end of the comic.

- The Patrons List is updated on the first of every month (aka, that's when your name will appear on the page)

- Valid for every comic that is completed to the storyboard stage while you are pledged at this tier. Comics in script stage are not eligible

- Names listed in "first come, first serve" order. Buy in now and get top slot!

- Once a storyboard comic is published on the web (in its entirety) your name is locked in. Even if you stop pledging at $20/month your name will remain on that issue indefinitely. 

- Your name will be retroactively added to the Patron list for From the Dust #1 and #2 as a bonus. (Valid for first 99 Patrons only).

- Your Patreon username will be used unless another name or family name is provided. Whatever name you choose is limited to 25 characters (spaces count toward limit). If I misspell anything please let me know. It's important to me to get it right!

- Limited to 99 patrons at any given time. Why? Because when we print (someday!) that's how many will fit on a single page.

More questions? Message me on the From the Dust Facebook Page.