Which alternate history Kamchatka map to use?
So I'm trying to figure out which of two maps to use for a story that I'm writing.  Here's the first:

...and here's the second.

(Maps adapted from this one)

As you can see, these two maps have different assumptions and background peculiarities.  In the first one, the Imperial Republic of Russia is a rump buffer exile state that exists solely because the USA doesn't want to share a border with the Bolsheviks.  In the second, the Russian Imperial Republic clearly at least held off the Reds in the Civil War, albeit at the price of losing Vladivostok to the Japanese.  

Either setting would work for the story, but I can't decide which one I like better, and the history will influence the plot.  Does anybody have an opinion?  Note that the story in question will take place in a 1920s where future Japanese history is going to be significantly impacted by events in the story... ah, well, mustn't give too much away.