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New Exclusive Article - Final Fantasy VII: Camera and Composition - Part 1
Hello patrons, I have a wonderful treat for you today. You now have exclusive access to my latest article - Final Fantasy VII: Camera and Composition - as a special 'thank you' for consistently putting your faith in my work as a media critic. The article is enclosed to this post as a pdf, so download it, read it and enjoy it. You can take it with you on the bus! Or show it to your friends! Because it is only currently available in .pdf format it might be a little bit trickier to share around online to non-patrons, so I don't mind if people post around screenshots and excerpts of the article, in pointing out a paragraph that especially caught your eye or using it as a platform to launch off a thought. I am hoping that in limiting this article to patrons it will encourage other readers to throw a few bob my way, so sharing parts of the article around this way would be great! Now, while this is only available exclusively to you lot reading this, that is a temporary exclusivity - in a few weeks I'll be posting the piece up on Normally Rascal to be read by all. So savour the prestige while you can. This format will become routine for my Patreon for the foreseeable future: one article per month will be a timed patron-exclusive, to then be opened up to everyone a few weeks after the original publishing date. So the title of this article is fairly self-explanatory: I discuss how the camerawork of FFVII plays into the game's narrative. After several thousand words into this piece, I realised I hadn't even gotten to the main thing I wanted to talk about, and this was even after skimming potentially huge observations for the benefit of keeping the whole thing relatively short. I made the decision, so, to break the piece up into multiple parts to allow myself the room to properly elaborate on some of the ideas. The next part will detail the flashback to Nibelheim, coming soon to a Patreon near you. Last thing. I'd come into the habit of setting up wallpapers of the better header images I make as paid posts, scheduled for the end of the month. I skipped October because I hadn't the time (choosing instead to write a piece about Project Zero 2) so with any luck tomorrow you'll hear from me again tomorrow. This month saw a particularly nice header image of Clementine from The Walking Dead, so I would really like to make that available to ye as a wallpaper if I can manage that in the short time we have left in November. That's all for tonight. Go on now git.
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