Podcast: The Relationship Between Mary and Elizabeth Tudor
I used a different software to record the podcast this time and have discovered I still prefer Adobe Audition over Zencastr. I don't really know how to use it so I did it all in one cut and was unable to make edits after the fact - I hope you still enjoy it. 

Here is my podcast that covers the relationship between Mary and Elizabeth Tudor.


Ives, Eric; The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn
Starkey, David; Elizabeth - The Struggle for the Throne
Fraser, Antonia; The Wives of Henry VIII
Gristwood, Sarah; Game of Queens - The Women Who Made Sixteenth-Century Europe
Gristwood, Sarah; Elizabeth & Leicester - The Truth About the Virgin Queen and the Man She Loved
Gristwood, Sarah; Blood Sisters - The Women Behind the Wars of the Roses
Weir, Alison; The Children of Henry VIII
Lawrence, G.; The Bastard Princess
Lawrence, G.; The Heretic Heir

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Script Written By: Rebecca Larson

Voiced and Recorded By: Rebecca Larson

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