Developer's report - 2017 June

You can add Twitch videos as well to tournaments. Currently we have 177 videos from tournaments all over the world. I hope this will help the numbers grow even more.

You can rotate the uploaded photos. Photo rotation is handled quite differently on various platforms and software which leads to some unexpected results. This should help.

"Zoom to me" button for the Upcoming map. Requires permission on your geolocation. Unfortunately still buggy on some iOS devices.

Added more admins to the countries with the most tournaments. Admins can help you with creating and concluding tournaments and if any issue arises. Admins users are highlighted with purple colour, supporters are in orange, regular users are in blue. Here is the list of admins, check out their profile if you want to contact them: 

Various bugfixes and usability improvements. Keep reaching out to me with your findings, suggestions.

Thank you for using my sites. I'm grateful for all my supporters.

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