New Goals & Rewards: Reducing Ads on!
tl;dr: ads bad, more people donating on Patreon means less (and eventually no!) ads on my stuff!

For a while I've pondered how to work ad removal into my Patreon; it's a fiddly issue since as popularity rises, so does ad income; taping down an exact price is very hard. But I've always prefered the Patreon method and would prefer voluntary contributions with no ads, and I think I've found a good inbetween solution without too much work for either party.

As a result, I've added two new goals to the Patreon: Reducing ads on, including on my Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium guide! 

At $100 I'll reduce the maximum ad count from it's current 4 to 3, and at $200 it'll be reduced from 3 to 2! Once the $200 goal is met I'll work out what I'll need to remove the last two (highest earning) ad slots. This approach will let me gradually reward Patreons instead of setting an extremely high goal with no benefit until it's reached!

I also added "Adblock Forgiveness" as a reward for my $1 reward tier! It's honor-system only of course, but I figured this was simpler for both sides of the equation than setting up ad-free accounts per-person. 

Pitch in a buck and as soon as enough others have done the same, everyone without adblock gets less ads too! Eventually there won't be any left once Patreon happily replaces my ad income. Can't pitch in yourself? Share the Patreon with your friends who watch my videos or use my Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium guide! It's a team effort!

Did you know?

  • Ads on my site actually earn a lot more than my Youtube, or Patreon! Or presently, both!
  • I hate ads as much as you! I presently only serve ads on the absolute highest traffic pages on the site; that's mostly just my AbyssRium guides.
  • I only added ads once traffic started being too much for my old server, around October. Ads helped me scale up to the fast server I have now and let me keep going!
  • I only use AdSense ads because they're the least offensive, invasive, etc. I also disable iffy categories like gambling, politics, occult, get-rich-quick schemes.
  • I don't do anything to prevent people from doing adblock! It's cool, though if you use adblock I'd appreciate even $1 to help others not get ads too!
  • My site is pretty darn fast, but Ads are slow, even just with adsense. The site'll be faster and use less data as ad count drops.
  • Despite all the care I put into making ads unobtrusive...I'd still really rather not have the darn things at all! Hence this whole Goal business!
  • I'm considering removing Youtube ads as well (at present, they bring in less than!) but I want to try one thing at a time! 

Youtube Copyright Strike Situation Addendum

As an addendum to the last update post: My Youtube channel no longer has that DMCA claim on it! I won't make a big deal of it however since it seems the issue is still ongoing and any time the criminal could refile the same illegal claim. My youtube account isn't in any permanent harm, but livestreams are still iffy. 

As such, I'm still streaming on Twitch and Youtube archives of streams will be a bit late. I'll be waiting a few weeks to see how this all turns out before I make any final decisions.