This month’s giveaway winner, and surprise prize finally shared!

First, PLEASE forgive me the horrible video. GAH! From now on, I am having someone else do the video, as.. really? You can see what I did, no need to explain. It flips correctly, at times.

Why did I not reshoot it? Well for one thing.. The roll for the giveaway had already took place and I need to honor that. For another? Go ahead, get some laughs, I’m down with it J.

The surprise prize! In addition to the Custom D6 Rose dice this month, I am including an autographed, Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon (Autographed by Mercedes Lackey) book plaque.

If you are not familiar with book plaques they are an old tradition in which you would put them on books you owned to show identification. Instead of stickers these were actual little plaques that were added to the book either at or after the time of manufacturer. Ya know, because they didn’t have stickers?

As to the winner? OCEANIA! The First time Oceania has won one of these drawings I believe, I was pleased to see that. Oceania I will reach out for a shipping address and congratulations!

I hope that by next month’s drawing I will have my home and possessions a bit more settled so as to be able to something a little bit cooler for the drawing. I will also have someone else film for me.. Honestly, I can video for someone else – I am just not very good at the whole selfie thing!

As always I appreciate your support!

*These drawings are held at a random date each month and giveaway a surprise item(s). To be qualified to be entered you only need be a Patron of The Caverns, Dungeons, and Beyond at the $1.00 or higher level, or donate $1.00 prior to each drawing. A donation gets you entered into the next drawing ONLY and to qualify for the one after that via donation, you will need to donate again.