13 Word Story: Disposable Culture
Sure, humans have always been disposable to other humans sometimes -- otherwise, why all the wars and palace intrigue and village gossip and tarring-and-feathering and witch hunts and... you get the point.

Humans have always had a streak of being dicks to other humans.

But I wonder if it hasn't grown more casual with industrialization. So many things we make -- even cars and houses, if you've got the cash -- are thrown together quickly. Not made to last. Not bought with an eye to keeping.

I wonder if we're not more casual about that sort of thing when it comes to other humans, now that we're so used to throwing damn near everything away and getting a new one on a regular basis.

I wonder if it won't get more casual still, once robotics progresses beyond replacing assembly line workers and (near future) professional drivers and (medium future?) even teachers and companions and nannies and friends and parents and children.

How committed will we be to our fellow human when a robot friend is inexpensive and made to replace with a newer model in three years?


Cheerful, I know. I may put this up on sabarton in a week or two, or I might spare them the depressing though. I'll figure it out as I go along. Meanwhile, you poor patrons try not to cry in your beer too much.