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Alfdaín Topographic Map
Greetings from the Alfdaín Confederacy!

In accordance with last month's poll, July's first map details the elven nation of the Great Caldera. It's our first peek at the three states of the confederacy at this scale.

Mountainous Fëoros in the northwest is home to many of the Elëan — winged elves whose capital is Aërin, up in the peaks of the Elëaras Range. This region also includes Pearcelsus Island and its smaller siblings, which form the northwestern extent of the nation.

In the southwest is the Kingdom of Lathraël, heavily forested and controlling most of the border with Ellyrion to the south. The people here are mostly Sherandol — forest elves — with their capital in Lathias in a clearing between the Silverleaf and Tremblethorn Forests.

Finally, in the east is the Matriarchy of Andolien, liege realm of the confederacy, home to a mix of Sherandol and Meruín elves. The capital, Mythuín, also serves as capital of the confederacy as a whole.

Alfdaín is a pretty huge nation, and it was very hard fitting it in at this scale. (In case you haven't noticed, I've been dealing with all the Calderan nations at the same 1:4,750,000 scale on these maps.) I ended up going for a vertical 16 x 20 inch configuration, but leaving the option to crop to two 18 x 12 maps. Then I added some extra space just in case, and what we've ended up with is an 18 x 20 inch map.

As always, I will release some or all of the various cropped versions later on, when I come to printing these.

As is typical, I've already noticed something I could add — in this case, the titles for the three states of the confederacy. Please let me know if you find anything else that needs fixed, and I'll make sure to do it before sending out your download links — likely in a few days' time, after I've generated the vertical exaggeration for the mountains.

Oh, and there's a bit of new art debuting here. Hint: it's very thematic for an elven nation. Can you spot it? It should be quite visible if you compare with the Osriel or Caldwen maps...

One last thing I'd love to hear your opinion about: how much do you think I should be including of the surrounding nations?

Up until now I've gone from absolutely nothing at all (on the Narwan map), to adding in just settlement icons, then named icons, then roads too, and I think this map includes everything except for the internal borders of the neighbouring realms.

I'm torn on this issue. The reason to leave this stuff out is to maintain focus on the subject nation. The borders in particular are easier to make out without seeing the other nations' internal borders. But settlements and roads seem relevant.

What do you think?

Update (1st August 2017): Here's the final draft...