I made some stuff for this movie!
Years ago, before I started doing commissions, Ian Hubert welcomed me onto the team to make this movie. Now, nine years later, it is available to watch for free!

Here are the things I made, and the places in the movie where they first show up (spoilers):
The cockpit interior for the exo-suit: https://youtu.be/I89ZiK6hdE0?t=33s
The transforming police lifter: https://youtu.be/I89ZiK6hdE0?t=6m50s
The environment for the tower courtyard and lobby: https://youtu.be/I89ZiK6hdE0?t=42m10s
The joint command fleet:
The flying cargo truck: https://youtu.be/I89ZiK6hdE0?t=52m34s
The Project London facility: https://youtu.be/I89ZiK6hdE0?t=59m55s
The BEAM satellite: https://youtu.be/I89ZiK6hdE0?t=1h1m56s
The ISO containers: https://youtu.be/I89ZiK6hdE0?t=1h14m4s

As well as mixing a bunch of the sound effects, most notably these impacts: https://youtu.be/I89ZiK6hdE0?t=1h16m6s

You can download the models I made here:

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