#131 No jealousy and no grudge, just "firgun" and love

"Lefargen" is a rather special word with no simple translation into English. It means to express happiness for someone, to encourage and praise them with full empathy. As host Guy Sharett explains, in some cases it can mean to give something out of the goodness of your heart. Get ready for a feel-good episode!

New words & expressions:

Lefargen – To express happiness for someone, to encourage and praise them with full empathy – לפרגן

Firgun (verbal noun) – The act of "lefargen" – פרגון

Farginen (Yiddish) – "Lefargen" – פֿאַרגינען

Farginen sich (Yiddish) –זיך פֿאַרגינען – Lefargen le-atsmo – לפרגן לעצמו – To allow oneself to do something

VergÖnnen (German) – To grant someone something

Hu firgen le mishehu – He "firgened" (to) someone – הוא פרגן למישהו

Fargen lo (imperative) – "Fargen" (to) him! – פרגן לו

Az ten kavod, fargen le'atsmecha - So give respect, "fargen" (to) yourself – אז תן כבוד, פרגן לעצמך

Zo she-tsricha lilmod lefargen le-atsma – The one (fem.) who needs to learn to "lefargen" (to) herself – זו שצריכה ללמוד לפרגן לעצמה

Lefargen le'atsmecha, le'atsmech, le'atsmechem – "Lefargen" to yourself/yourselves – לפרגן לעצמך/לעצמכם

Ein kin'a ve-ein tina, rak firgun ve-ahava - No jealousy and no grudge, just firgun, and love – אין קנאה ואין טינה, רק פרגון ואהבה

Sihot mefargenot – Positive conversations – שיחות מפרגנות

Ben zug mefargen/Bat zug mefargenet – A supportive partner – בן/בת זוג מפרגן/מפרגנת

Hu firgen li be-zer prahim madhim – He "firgened" me with an amazing bouquet of flowers – הוא פרגן לי בזר פרחים מדהים

Fargen li eize espresso (imperative) – Make me an espresso! – פרגן לי איזה אספרסו

Lefargen lecha eize ugat shokolad? – Can I "lefargen" you a chocolate cake? – ?לפרגן לך איזה עוגת שוקולד

Toda al ha-firgun – Thanks for the "firgun" – תודה על הפרגון

Rak ratziti lefargen – I just wanted to compliment you – רק רציתי לפרגן