Conventional Space Weapons
New website design by webmaster Matthew Lam (which took up most of this week's website update) SPACE WAR: CONVENTIONAL WEAPONS added to Nuclear Shaped Charges a long quote from The Effects of Nuclear Test-ban Regimes on Third-generation-weapon Innovation Space War: Detection added pity quote from RocketCat added new section Detection Range BASIC DESIGN added to Spacecraft Parameters a diagram illustrating how spacecraft masses add together. fleshed out the description of performance parameters with typical values and interrelationships (especially the entry for "acceleration" MISSION added new section Tourist Season, about Hohmann transits bunching spacecraft together SPACE SUITS added to Skintight Suits a quote from Latex Space Suits added to Rocket Pack some images of rocket belts added section for Dr. Parkinson's space tug concept ENGINE in Exhaust Velocity, re-vamped the equation for thermal rockets added to Nuclear Fission Thermal Rocket nomial temperature values EMBARKING added to Belly Lander images of a 1963 Douglas concept for instant lunar base ENGINE LIST added to Ion images of a strange looking Convair ion drive spacecraft concept PRELIMINARY NOTES added to Getting Started a link to the must-see short video "Wanderers"