Let's Find Out - Pack#22 Reward
 // Castlevania // - Adrian Fahrenheit Ţepeş A.K.A. Alucard
// 惡魔城 // - 艾德烈‧費倫赫斯‧特佩斯(艾卡德)

Arukado sama~~~ヽ( ♥д♥)ノ((fangirling
阿魯卡斗桑瑪~~~ ヽ( ♥д♥)ノ ((花癡ing

I watched Netflix Castlevania, it's just totally AWESOME, for many years I've been waiting for a Castlevania movie but it never come true, I just give up to look forward everything about Castlevania, include the animated Castlevania til I watched it.

The animation series is totally great, it's more than I expect, the art style is very similar of Ayami Kojima, the artist of many Castlevania games, she created the main art style sign of Castlevania, and also she is my favorite artist.

The animation even created more deeper background and character details, I just fall in love with this series and can't wait for the next season. qqq

Art Pack #22 (July 2017) ★ tier 1/2/3/5 reward
繪圖集#22 (2017年七月) ★ 第1/2/3/5階贊助獎勵

★Rewards content:

» Sketch (Tier 1 / $1)
» 1600px HD JPG + Lineart (Tier 2 / $3)
» Full-Res PNG + Lineart (Tier 3 / $5)
» Layered PSD & CLIP (Tier 5 / $10)

» 草圖(第1階可得 / $1)
» 1600px高畫質JPG檔+線稿(第2階可得 / $3)
» 原吋PNG檔+線稿(第3階可得 / $5)
» 包含圖層的PSD&CLIP檔(第5階可得 / $10)

Your pledge will be paid in the beginning of next month, once complete, I will send you the rewards DL link through message(Tier 4~5) and submit to Patreon post(Tier 1~3), usually before 10th of each month.