Guide for new patrons

...and a refresher for existing ones! Here are a few handy notes to help you with your pledge.

1. This account charges upfront.

This means you will be charged your pledge immediately after you make it, then subsequently at the beginning of every month. For cactus owners, where the reward is the unlocking of all Patreon-exclusive posts, this is not a problem. For the other critters, it means you're best off placing your pledge within the first week of the month in order to take full advantage of the rewards available that month. An additional note for DSH owners - if you do pledge during the second half of the month, after prints have been processed, you will be entitled to two prints the following month.

2. Downloads and the shop are immediately accessible after you pledge.

Don't forget to click the 'downloads' and 'merchandise' tabs on the left hand side to see what rewards you can claim as soon as you pledge, and also whether any items are up for sale.

3. A general rundown of each month-

At the start of each month there is a post outlining the main events for the coming month, plus any announcements. Generally speaking, bonus rounds happen during weeks 3. The poll opens in week 2 and concludes in week 3-4. The DSH prints are processed through weeks 2-3. Sometimes I need to shuffle these dates around in accordance to my schedule.

4. The floor is always open to questions, suggestions, and criticisms.

Please don't hesitate to contact me! :)

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