How Does Mick Do His Energy Healings?
It occurred to me today that while you are enjoying the benefits of weekly or daily healings you might not know how I do them.

Simply put I connect my energy field to yours (and many others at the same time) and then I feel what is bothering you or what you are lacking and I send that specific energy to you to help you through what every situation you are currently facing.

For instance this week there was issues like Loneliness and Desperation as well as Issues with Family (specifically Mother issues).

Now these might not have been "your" issues but if you are a subscriber then you received healing energies towards these things as well as many others.

Oddly, this is the first time I think that I didn't do any work on Money and Finances but I am sure that will be back next week. This does not mean the the issues I cleared today would not help in many other areas. Energy work ripples outward and so the changes can be subtle or profound depending on the person and timing.

Since I am sure you are feeling benefit from these energies please share this site with your friends and family that they too can receive this benefit.

Of course, I still so One-On-One sessions and that is the best way to get your personal issues resolved as we can dig deep into the problems and clear them quickly from there.  

Many Blessings,
Mick LoveJoy
[email protected]