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Access the Boiled Leather Audio Moment, our subscriber-exclusive mini-podcast! A complement to the Boiled Leather Audio Hour, BLAM will focus primarily on A Song of Ice and Fire, answering $5-level patron questions about the series. Subscribe now for a measly $2 a month and access all our ASoIaF wisdom! 
The Q&A Crew
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A five-dollar monthly pledge gets you a free question & answer with Sean & Stefan. Simply note your question in your pledge or write us a message, and we will answer it in a BLAM. Please bear in mind that we produce around one BLAM per month, so it can take a while for your question to get answered.
Priority Question
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Like the 5$ reward, but your question will be treated as a priority.
The BLAH Wolf's Head Print
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You will receive a limited-edition print of the Boiled Leather Audio Hour wolf's-headphones logo by Julia Gfrörer.
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You, personally, can decide the topic of a podcast. Alone. Like a Podator. Which is a ruler of podcast hosts.
Special Guest: You!
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You will be a special guest on an episode of the podcast dedicated to you!
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