136/ Coping mechanisms
When I´´ ve been held back by my mental issues or chronic pain for a while and I want to try break through the darkness and anxiety I sometimes use these tactics to be able to feel slightly better and get out of the house for a little bit. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn´ t but it is still worth the try!

Mind you... I also have days when I feel super good in my head and skin and then I also smile, wear blush, listen to music, wear big boots and colorful clothes. Hence, it´ s rather hard for people to know when things are or aren´ t going well. It doesn´ t matter, I just live each day and try to do whatever makes me feel best. Some days that means staying in, laying under a blanket watching a kids movie and other days I rock it in the outside world, even if that means simply doing some grocery shopping :) Yay!

Do you use certain coping mechanisms in your life?

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