Yii development notes #12

It was quite a while since issue #11 of Yii development notes. Recent weeks were really busy and there are things done and news to tell. Let's dig dive into these.

Yii framework and official extensions

  • Yii team moved queue extension made by Roman Zhuravlev to official extensions. It's of a good quality and is recommended.
  • Significant amount of pull requests was reviewed and some were merged. Among them compatibility with PHP 7.2.
  • Thanks to @rob007 we have Travis build passing. He figured out how to fix weird non-regular MySQL connection errors.
  • Inspired by that, me and @dynasource fixed 2.1 branch tests and the code itself.
  • I wasn't in the mood to stop on that so now all extension test builds are in order on travis.
  • 2.1 branch got some progress. Mainly it is about cleanup such as removing APC support, removing pre-PHP7 polyfills etc.
  • Klimov Paul and me adjusted all repository readme files by adding logos. Go check these. They're looking good.

New website

There is good progress on the website. Import mostly works, most pages are styled well. Colorful logo is back. Monochrome one was too boring.

There are still things to take care of but we're close. If you'll see bugs, design issues... anything, report to GitHub repo.


YiiPowered got better admin content filtering. It isn't visible but allows admins to manage content efficiently.

YiiPowered is now linked from the new website and is going to be official projects showcase.

People are adding more and more projects. So far there are 240. If you have one, add it. You get extra link. Yii gets extra exposure.


People asked me about creating Slack channel for a long time and there were many. Yii community community is quite fragmented and we didn't want to fragment it more but people kept asking so here it is: a Slack channel for Yii.

Finances and jobs

I'm really thankful to people and companies sponsoring my work on Yii and other OpenSource. With your help I'm able to do what I'm doing. I am, of course, taking commercial jobs as well to fill the salary gap. Recently I've considered a fulltime position as product owner as well. Passed all interviews, got an offer and refused it. Was too restrictive about continuing my work on the framework.