Hormesis and a blow torch
Watch Julia Child use a blow torch! -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHX0pv8_JOE

I joke about hormesis because it sounds cool, but has little actual scientific proof. Maybe it’s true, but it’s really hard to prove experimentally.

Imo, whatevs. But I do walk the walk: Hormesis of the AGEs.

disclosures: I’m a horrible food photographer… it’s really hard to take pictures while actively blow torching food! (and not burning down the house)

and 2) bowls don’t last forever, especially mine.

My weapon of choice: this and these

With no further ado, a bowl of raw plants, then torched, and finally finished off with some vinegar, salt, and a drop of this bomb fish sauce.


Aaaah! bok choy and leeks!

hold my beer 😎 


I'm gonna work on my photo skills (and clean the kitchen), and in the meantime, I'm open to suggestions!

calories proper