SOLIDARITY: My Next Visual Art Project!
Sort of eerie, looking back at old art, and seeing in hindsight how descriptive it really was. I made this pencil drawing in one night in 1996, before I used references to draw. As I recall, I had never tried to draw cracked surfaces before, and I was stunned that I was able to draw the heads and hands so well, in addition to being able to portray the slouching of the character on top of the head, which was, of course, me. In fact, I would venture to say now that it was all me, and that this was a self portrait, though I didn’t view it as such at the time. Generally, historically, I’ve had no deep direction or purpose when drawing. I haven’t really been the type to realize what my artistic compulsions are actually saying until long after I’ve said them, even when I do have a bit of an idea (like with Obsidian). Usually, it’s something like “Hmm, I think I’ll try to draw a head” and off it goes. Though it would still be difficult to articulate (or maybe my brain isn’t working that way right now because I have a cold), I am able to see myself and who I was so clearly in this work that it’s a little frightening. After this last year or so of resetting perspectives, doing some deep psychological work regarding my expansive inner world, and gaining a few more artistic skills, I have a plan for my next big thing; I have decided my next visual project will be a series of self portraits in all the artistic mediums I know. Acrylic, watercolor, ink, ballpoint pen, pencil, charcoal, oil pastels, sculpture, sewing, photography, digital art, bloodwork, etc. As an experiment in support options, I'll be moving my art blog content to my Patreon account for the duration of this project and potentially beyond. I'm new to the site and still figuring things out, so I don't have any videos or goals laid out just yet. You can help me by suggesting the types of things you'd like to see from me, and participating by pledging support, and sharing my Patreon page with your friends. Readysetgo!
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