August 2017 - Pathfinder #110-113, Blood of the Sea, Villain Codex
Hello everyone! Some more updates and bug fixes for ya, check out the list below. Enjoy!

New Books

[Adventure Path] Pathfinder #110: The Thrushmoor Terror 

[Adventure Path] Pathfinder #111: Dreams of the Yellow King 

[Adventure Path] Pathfinder #112: The Whisper Out of Time 

[Adventure Path] Pathfinder #113: What Grows Within 

[Campaign Setting] Land of Conflict (no data to gather from this Source)

[Player Companion] Blood of the Sea 

[RPG] Villain Codex 

Site Updates

The latest errata for Ultimate Magic has been applied.

A number of missing summons for various Deities have been updated in the Master Summon List.