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Future Fossils 0037: Excavating The Future with "Paisley-ontologist" Michaelangelo aka Void Denizen
“You were a paleontologist, originally. I’ve always considered myself a ‘paisley-ontologist.’ A paleontologist will excavate the soil in search of fossils and a paisley-ontologist will excavate the present for fossilized perceptions. So I’m always looking for these kind of nuggets, linguistic impressions or etymological traces that lead us from the present into this sort of timelessness, or this subconscious of words and symbols. I look at the world as a sort of Rorschach Worship Workshop…”

This week’s guest is “The Ungoogleable” Michaelangelo, who all-embracing creative life is as difficult to describe as he is to find via conventional web search. The only person I’ve ever met – or could imagine – who could successfully pull off the marriage of “comedy,” “necromancy,” AND “rap” – and do it all in a convincing but false Scottish brogue as his alter ego Void Denizen – Michael is one of the wittiest, most hermetic guests this podcast’s ever had. AND he has some thoughts about the show itself that take us down a labradorite rabbit hole and into underground auroras, where the riddles of the afterlife unfold before our very eyes. 

Even I learned new things about “Future Fossils” in this conversation! Come with us on a trip into the Illuminated Unconscious and help us excavate the present in the new discipline of Paisley-ontology…

• Michaelangelo’s Website:


• MG interviews Void Denizen on Reality Sandwich:


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• Topics:

- artificial intelligence

- gaia theory

- the anthropocene

- the atmosphere as an artifact

- mineral consciousness

- “upgrade or perish”

- flowers were a catastrophe

- the importance of turning to face the strange

- paisley-ontology

- using natural fractals as an inkblot test or oracle

- pareidolia

- embodied cognition & conceptual metaphor

- panpsychism & mind as process

- the invention of and reason for sex

- aliens & the archetype of the flying saucer

- the soul and all its incarnations as a single four-dimensional organism

- daimonic information

- excavating the future out of the present

- fossilized dinosaur brains

- accidental summonings

- The Mandela Effect & the possibility of changing the past

- The Metaforest

• Mentions:

- How To Know Higher Realms by Rudolf Steiner

- The Origins of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind by Julian Jaynes

- Sex, Ecology, Spirituality by Ken Wilber

- Metaphors We Live By by George Lakoff & Mark Johnson

- Francisco Varela

- Neil Theise

- Pierre Teilhard De Chardin

- Darwin’s Pharmacy by Richard Doyle

- Crystal & Dragon by David Wade

- The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

- Wings of Desire & City of Angels (films)

- Daniel Vitalis on Tangentially Speaking Podcast

- Crossing The Event Horizon by Jonathan Zap

- “Modern Things” by Björk

- Interstellar (film)

• Other Stuff:

- View From The Horizon


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