Finding My Style. What Should I Do Next?
 Was asked by a wonderful lady looking to start a Booktube channel to design a unique banner. Of course I was thrilled, but honestly apprehensive. I don't get asked to make many logos or banners these days. But I am glad I did not turn it down, because it allowed me to find a style of design that I really love doing. Though ultimately she decided on a different design option I gave her, I wanted to share what I came up with and wanted to get some opinions on what I should do next in this particular style. I was thinking of doing something videogame related like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat. I am not able to play video games anymore, these were my favorite once back in the day. So what is really hot out there right now other than Call of Duty?

Let me know what you think of this design, and what I should do next. Be sure to follow Maegan on Instagram @themaecave, and I will be sure to share her new YouTube channel and banner as soon as she uploads her first video.