Introduction to the Five Percent Campaign
THE FIVE PERCENT CAMPAIGN TARGETS global excessive military spending and the public perception of it in order to redirect our taxes to fund what the world wants- and needs. Our proposal argues that there is a great deal to be gained from an increased effort to place excessive global military spending alongside other ‘structural’ campaigns in order to divert taxpayers money to better use, whether that be international ‘development’ focussed or in support of the global green economy, and, as a result of a more intense spotlight on it, become more widely integrated into civil society dialogue and activism. By joining the ranks of debt cancellation, financial transaction and other tax related measures, military spending savings could be regarded as yet one more significant ‘new’ revenue stream, redirecting the funds captured to serving the needs of the global community. Inevitably, increased debate around what we mean by ‘defence’ and, central to this, the question of whose interests are really served by the ever increasing global military expenditure would be at the heart of this effort. And that, ultimately, brings us back to the fundamental need to see military spending as every bit as central to understanding power, poverty, economic collapse, unjust distribution of resources as other structural campaigns like debt, trade, tax, climate change and most recently the ‘war on drugs’. It is not an adjunct to any of these issues – it is implicated in each and every one of them. For more information, go to