This last week we passed the halfway mark for the next milestone goal -you guys are so awesome! We're less than $20 away from having $300 pledged this month, and I'd like to offer something special if that tier is met. As you know, the patron exclusive 'Playdate' comic is being uploaded this month for all patrons to enjoy. (With another batch of pages being uploaded this week!) If $300 is pledged this month, then in January I'll email a digital PDF copy of this comic to everyone who pledged in December. So if you know twenty people who'd be willing to pledge $1 for a PDF of this comic, or one person who'd be willing to pledge $25 to get a PDF, a printed copy, and original artwork of this comic, or anyone willing to pledge any amount in between - let them know about this! As always, thank you for your support of FE - you are all amazingly awesome, and I hope you continue to enjoy future comics!