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Term 3 Complete ! Newsletter updates and more !
Hey guys ! This the update and recap for Our Third term completion!( from Dec 1th to Dec 17) Please keep on reading for Reward recap for This term as well as how you will be getting the rewards :D I will send out 3 of the tutorial packs early for you guys to hold you guys over till next month ^_^ (The full reward packs will be send out After this terms payment have be processed at the beginning of January. You can expect to get the perks shortly after (sometime between Jan 1-5th) ^_^ ! llTier 1ll (1$) -patron only doodles, and sketches access via activity feed llTier 2ll (5$) -Tier 1 rewards -6 PSD (Modern loki,Freckled kitten, kiki, Samus, Tusnade, Gaara) -Brush set llTier 3ll (10$) -Tier 1 rewards -Tier 2 rewards -5 Video Process(Modern loki,kiki, Samus, Tusnade, Gaara) -1 voice over workshop tutorial( portrait 101 part 1 , 1 hr 24 minutes) -3 video process tutorial( nose,cleavage, male muscle) llTier 4ll (70$) -Tier 1 rewards -Tier 2 rewards -tier 3 rewards -Receive mail from me In January : ) -Sepcial thank you painting(include psd +high res JPG)-once per month Will be delivered first week of January !- -have your name mentions on one of my social medias ^_^ -10$ credit to my online store -per term - llTier 5llCOMISSION PACK(350$) -Tier 1 rewards -Tier 2 rewards -tier 3 rewards -Exclusive digital portait commission from me of a character of your chosing ( includes the PSD, Video process, Brushes, High res JPG ^_^) -I will print out your comission and send it to you ! -This pack will be delived after a month - estimated delivery first week of Jan !- ^_^ llBL fan Tierll high five<3 (7$) -Tier 2 perks -Access to my BL related works when it become available ^_~* Thank you all for a wonderful term ! Again all rewards will be send out via patreon mail system sometime between (1st-5th January) after the payment is processed :D The video process alone are very big get ready for at least a few gigs of download via mediafire: ) Stuff to look forward to for next Term ! (17-31 December) -1 voice over workshop. Part 2 portrait painting -Casual video tutorial -reference sheets -More PSDS(6+ or more) -More Video Process(6+) -more winter theme art ^_^ Looking forward to bring you guys more content ! Reward Archive: