Housekeeping: New Rewards
Okay. I am overwhelmed. My cup of whelm, it runneth over. 

Thank you everyone for showing up and supporting me. Each pledge is an act of generosity beyond just money. It's a declaration that what I do is valuable and interesting to you, and since I’m someone who regularly questions the value and interestingness of my work, this cumulative proclamation goes a long way to drown out those voices. Thank you.

I'm now beginning to see the potential of this Patreon to provide a not insignificant percentage of the money I need to get by each month, and to in turn afford me the greatest resource of all: creative freedom.

As such, I have some new things for you today.

Revised goal

First up, I've decided to remove the goals I'd set previously.

In retrospect, I don't like the idea of setting a certain dollar amount as a barrier for a particular creative act. I am bubbling over with excitement for this Patreon and I want to experiment and try lots of different things, so I'm lifting that restriction.

Instead, there is now only one goal. $1,500 per month would cover the lion's share of my rent, utilities, and health insurance. $1,500 is the amount at which this project would fairly compete with the other work I do to pay the bills. Once I exceed $1,500, I can begin to scale back other commitments, and focus exclusively on my own practice. Let's get there.

New rewards 

With that in mind, I'm also going to experiment with some new reward tiers.

If you pledge at $25+ per month, you'll get invited to the Inner Circle, a private monthly video chat where I'll discuss what I'm working on, and solicit advice.

If you pledge at $50+ per month, I'll mail you a personal gift once every 3 months. It may be something I've made just for you, or a book, record, or film I've enjoyed recently, or something else entirely—you'll just have to kick in and find out.

If you pledge at $100+ per month, you're joining as a Community Sponsor of the podcast. I'll credit you alongside the Big Sponsors of the podcast, and also read a brief message about your product / service. (Thank you Tito for being the first patron at this level!)

What's next?

I took a few days off last week and drove out into the Oregon wilderness, where I filled a notebook with ideas for the podcast. I've subsequently named it (it’s called “Assemble”) and registered the domain and set up a Simplecast account and made a wishlist of recording equipment and drafted a plan for the pilot—and I'm going to need your help very soon. I’ll share more next week.

I also have a second draft of an ambitious personal essay that I'm hoping to finish and share very soon. Yikes.

As I said earlier, I want to keep experimenting with this Patreon. Beyond futzing with the goals, rewards, and project description, I'd like to find a way to broaden the scope of the project to talk about the foundation I'm working on, and share other work I do or want to do outside of producing events.

So it's going to be a little messy for a while. But I'm very glad of your support, and so excited to have you along for the ride.