Update from the FoundMyFitness Family, August 2017
Dan (Rhonda’s husband) here… I’m standing in for Rhonda to give you guys a little bit of a personal update from the “FoundMyFitness family”, share with you some cute pictures, and also let you know what’s going on in the world of the podcast. As I’m sure you’re aware if you’ve followed any of our recent videos… Rhonda’s been pregnant for some time now!

She is no longer. 5 days ago she gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy! We’re a bit “over the moon” and enjoying a fun period of enthusiastically over interpreting every little sound and fidget as conveying deep insights into whatever qualities we want to project on him at the time.

Both Rhonda and the baby are doing very well. Sleep deprivation is a given and it’s probably worse than we both could’ve possibly even imagined… this isn’t too surprising, since we were both “baby clueless” up until this point. Whatever the mean amount of baby experience is for childless couples, I would suggest we probably fall somewhere substantially below that mean. 

As in... "They eat every 3 hours and sometimes every hour? You've got to be kidding me."

Upcoming podcast
The good news is that we actually anticipated this overwhelm a little bit and lined up a great podcast in advance! Coming soon is a new 2-hour episode with Dr. Satchin Panda. In this podcast, Rhonda and Satchin discuss a great number of the questions that came up over and over again after the last episode we had him on. Dr. Panda has been one of our most popular guests yet and for good reason: his work promises to be a huge boon to public health and his broad interests make for amazing discussion. 

As a non-biologist element of the FoundMyFitness team, one of my favorite things about these episodes with Dr. Panda is his ability to walk the line between sharing great insights derived from his broad experience in the world of circadian biology and beyond… while still not being utterly overwhelming with jargon. 

If you have not watched our previous episode with Dr. Panda which also discusses his personal flavor of a type of intermittent fasting known as “time-restricted feeding,” I highly suggest you do that in anticipation of this upcoming episode!

While I hesitate to give an estimate on the release schedule for this podcast, especially in light of the other news I shared, the good news is it’s already entered post-production and has some great groundwork laid on the editing thanks to the diligent efforts of our other team member Jay (he’s the chap in the video on the patreon campaign homepage).

Rhonda’s take on pregnancy
While there’s literally zero chance of FMF becoming some kind of parenting blog, a number of you have asked for Rhonda’s taken on prenatal nutrition and otherwise. While she hasn’t put anything together yet, I think there’s a pretty good chance of some of that making it’s way into at least a blog post or a small, topic-focused podcast at some point!

Not related to nutrition, one area that has been of particular interest to us in these early days is finding ways to alleviate anxiety and facilitate giving our pediatrician better data in our upcoming visits. As it turns out, there is actually a glut of really cool tech that’s especially helpful for the early days. A few friends of ours shared their favorites. Here’s the ones that are particularly cool:

  • Owlet Smart Sock - We next day aired these when we found out about it: a “smart sock” that is actually a pulse oximeter and literally sets off an alarm if heart rate and/or oxygen levels fall outside of acceptable parameters.
  • Hatch Baby Grow Smart Scale - This one was gifted to us. It is an accurate scale that helps you track weights before and after feedings to determine the effectiveness of nursing. The app also functions as a sort of one stop place for things related to baby weight, feeding, diaper counting (something you have to do), and other general logging. At least half the value just comes from the app.
  • Nanit Smart Baby Monitor - A camera baby monitor that sends streaming video and push notifications to your phone about what the kid is up to. Also uses machine learning and computer vision to provide actual sleep tracking.

All of this feels very reminiscent to the same sort of consumer technology that many of us are enthusiastic about in the world of optimization for adults (e.g. quantified self consumer technology turned towards childhood development). The Owlet in particular really stands out for obvious reasons of nocturnal reassurance against SIDS, even though they don't advertise it as such.

Other stuff
We have some other projects still sort of brewing in the background during our recent preoccupation with parenthood. In particular, there’s a lot of improvements coming to the genetic tool on the website soon and an extensive redesign that will include new episode pages that have “rich resources” related to each episode.

Thanks for being patient and, more importantly, for allowing us (through your support) to embark on this new phase with a lot more comfort than others entering into the same role might have. It is a huge privilege we do not take lightly. That said, if you’ve messaged Rhonda on here please sit tight for a little while longer… she’ll get back to you… eventually!

Dan, Rhonda & fam