Future Fossils 0038 - Marya Stark (Reweaving The Magical Feminine)
Hey friends!  I'm excited about this week's guest, singer-songwriter and music therapist Marya Stark, a dear friend I met at the Global Sound Conference in Los Angeles in 2008.  We discuss the future of the feminine, relationships, and reproduction – and laugh a lot.  It's trés plus plus.  :)

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“Just because the wisdom is ancient doesn’t mean it’s the most effective.”

“Sometimes when we’re in a distortion paradigm, our strategies for wholeness create more distortion.”

“Are we all going to have this magical Golden Age wake-up call?  I’m still rootin’ for it.”

“Honor the thousands of shoulders that we stand on to be able to host some of this information.  Because they were committed to the lineage.  They were committed to carrying it through, no matter what.  They’d give their lives for it.  I have meditation in my life because of those individuals.  I’m not going to shit all over them because I think their cultural context or whatever doesn’t match my fucking modern idea and ideals.  So how do I hold the complexity of that conversation in my heart while not spinning my ego into circles about how cool I am because I’m a meditator?”

“I have to have a prayer for our species that we are connected to an evolutionary architecture…”

“It’s as if the pain that everyone is in is the same.  And it’s rooted in disconnection and distortion of what they’re capable of.”

• Topics

- Long Distance Relationships in the Internet Age

- The Pre-Trans Fallacy & Getting Back to The Land

- The Future of Sex in the Age of Machines

- Industrial Medicine & Birth Trauma

- Terraforming & Artificial Wombs

- Tradition vs. Innovation

- Rudolf Steiner’s Lucifer & Ahriman

- Artificial hormones in the drinking water feminizing songbirds

- Intuition of Altitude

- Dancing between the organic and digital:  how can we hold both ends of this without succumbing to either?

- Reclaiming the sacred traditions of premodern femininity

- Bloodwork, Moon Lodges, and the revival of the Sacred Feminine

- Adopting a “Bit Torrent” model to our mixed ethnicities and identities, as a response to concerns about cultural appropriation and “buffet-line” spirituality

- Building a “Literacy of Empathies”

- The moving target of “wisdom,” “experience,” and “adult” through the ages

- Soul Retrieval 101

- dealing with the emotions of the intuition of A sole connection from a parallel universe or alternative timeline & The perils of “astral polyamory”

• Citations

- Up From Eden by Ken Wilber

- At The Edge of History by William Irwin Thompson

- Alien: Covenant (film)

- HR Giger and The Zeitgeist of the Twentieth Century by Stanislav Grof

- Spiral Dynamics by Don Beck & Christopher Cowan

- “The Tower That Ate People” by Peter Gabriel (song)

- Videodrome (film)

- Homo Deus by Yuval Harari

- Team Human Podcast with Douglas Rushkoff

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