Charoite - Grand Julian Fractal // Now Available
ewest Grand Julian fractal print - Charoite. Now available on Curioos + Redbubble!

Haven't made a print in a while as my PC is just in bad shape and is in need of repairs/replacement, so I can't really use Apophysis too often, let alone taking that final render into Photoshop for final tweaking.

Just doesn't work well. On top of that, I have a lot of ReviewHaven recording to do, and can't do both - and fractals like this take nearly 2 days to render.

So, I have to make time for them now. I would love to get back to doing one a month, but until the PC gets upgraded/replaced, I can't :(

That said, anything raised from this print will certainly be going into that PC fund.

Detail Previews

Previews are all 10,000 pixels by 2,000 pixels.

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