A little update for you guys
Hey guys and gals, we just gave you all 2 new acoustic songs that we aren't going to give to the general public for a WHILE. We've decided to change things up a bit. Now, instead of waiting until we create a video for each song, add the subtitles, schedule it to go out on YouTube, Facebook, etc to drop our newest stuff, we are just gonna give it to ya. :-) 

We also have eliminated the $2 pledge tier. Now all Patreon subscribers will get mp3s of our songs first, access to our youtube videos first, and your name will be in the credits of every video, all for a $1 per project or more.

When we say you're getting things first we literally now mean ASAP. You might have stuff from us weeks or MONTHS before everyone else even gets to hear it. We won't charge you until we drop the videos here first either. We have no problem sharing things with you early.

You guys are literally subscribing to us and we thank you. :-) 

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Yes, when the new stuff from the studio sessions is mixed and mastered, you will get that super early too. We love you!