New Tileset: Super Pixel Plains
The plains stretch on for miles. Green grass, still wet with the morning's dew, blankets the earth. The smell of adventure is in the air, drifting over the plains along with the clouds. Where will it take you?

Let's begin our adventure through the Super Pixel Plains!

(GIF link)

Hey everyone! I'm here today with PART 1 of a DOUBLE UPDATE! Continuing in the Super Nintendo-inspired style, allow me to introduce Super Pixel Plains. With the Cave environment being such a success, I felt like the next obvious step would be to create an overworld environment. Once again, there are tons of terrain pieces, so it's easy to make any kind of level layout, just like Super Pixel Cave. The background layers are also set up to loop horizontally, and they're designed with parallax in mind.

As you can see above, keeping in tradition with Super Pixel Cave, there are three awesome color styles included. Pretty awesome!

Finally, you can grab this tileset from its download page! It requires 1 Normal Key to unlock. There are THREE 1920x1080 wallpapers included in the zip file, and the Speed Spriting video is coming soon!

Speaking of the asset section, I also want to let you know that my web host upgraded their PHP version, which briefly broke the site and required a lot of code rewrites. Everything should be fixed now. If you encounter any unexpected errors while logging in, unlocking assets, or downloading assets, please let me know!

Stay tuned for part 2!