Matrix "Live" Ep 6 (Aug 18)
Special late-night edition of Matrix "Live" thanks to a never-ending week (Amandine's on holiday).  Lots of fun stuff:


 * No new corporate sponsors this week

 * $2405/m patreon - almost at our first goal of $2500/m!


 * Dark theme!

 * Jitsi!

 * More languages!

 * Next release should include GSoC goodness (e.g. share extension written by Aram)


 * Release candidate 1 for Riot 0.12!

 * Rich Text Editor, Mentions

 * Not quite widgets yet (although we might sneak them in before it goes live)

 * Lots more languages

 * Under the hood E2E work


 * Overdue a release


 * Monolith is here; 15MB RAM on launch; 150MB after joining some rooms

 * Please come work on it!