Another week of content coming up. I may have to get my Mac serviced, which means no comics until it is fixed. :( Anyway, I need to service the battery. We have about 2 weeks of buffer on the comic. Hopefully that will be enough, but it will take time to rebuild the buffer.
Tier Benefits
Dream Police
$1 or more per month
You will be invited to join my discord channel. When I stream my art or comics or whatever, you can have a discussion with me and suggest things to draw, or craft, or just talk.
Seed Sowers
$5 or more per month
I will do a monthly pin up of one of your characters. If multiple people select this reward, I will do a group shot or whatever. No nudity.
Little Weavers
$10 or more per month
I will give you access to a portion of my drive where I upload things with a creative commons license. It might be tools on world building, the basic mechanics of my tabletop, or other things that will help you create.
Powers That Be
$20 or more per month
Each time I finish a page comic or compile an annual, I will create a pdf for you to download to enjoy. Please share these pdf's with your friends!
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