Make Dating Your Hero's Journey!
Human beings learn best through storytelling and play. For many thousands of years our culture was passed along orally. Through stories we learned about right and wrong, courage, wisdom, comradery, duty, and virtue. Stories are powerful, they can change who we are and how we behave.

As children we often act out the stories that we are exposed to. By playing the hero we learn how to emulate heroic behaviour. We learn how to face discomfort and fear. We experiment with potentially thousands of behavioral options rapidly and cheaply, preparing ourselves to adopt the best ones into our life.

Stories contain a sort of powerful word magic. They have the ability to mold our thoughts, our attitudes and to change our patterns of behaviour. They have the power to manifest themselves in reality with surprising results. In a healthy culture, the stories that we tell ourselves and others are positive, moral and upbuilding. They inspire us to be the best person that we can be. This creates strong and glorious cultures.

Unfortunately, the power of stories has been turned against us. Hollywood, corrupt fake news media, mainstream book, magazine and newspaper publishers have all conspired to tell a story that is generally anti-western, anti-family, anti-white and heavily pro degenerate, pro r-selected behaviour.

Repeatedly listening to our enemies fake narratives leads to feminism, MGTOW, anti-natalism, apathy about our people's future, nihilism, the black pill, and eventual genocide. It's a form of psychological warfare against us. It's dark word magic

Many of us have already rejected listening to these type of stories. We have stopped watching movies and TV or listening to fake news. But that's not enough. We need to replace the evil with the virtuous. We need to tell ourselves and others positive, inspiring stories. We need to rekindle the heroic narratives of western civilization.

The stories that we tell ourselves should motivate us, teach us and help us to achieve our goals.

Constructing our own meaningful stories is a skill that we can develop by studying the archetypical stories of the past and learning from them. Well told, powerful stories have a certain logical structure developed over thousands of years to maximize their impact. One story structure that we can use to help us to achieve our dating goals is the Archetypical Hero's Journey.

Read more about the Hero's Journey here:'s_journey.htm

We can view the noble quest to get married as a Hero's Journey

Dating, marriage, raising children and the creating of families is the foundation and core of western civilization. Without strong western families our culture, our civilization and our way of life will crumble. 

Building your family is your personal Hero's Journey. The Quest to find the mother or father of your children is THE MOST important thing that you could possibly be doing right now. You are literally securing the future of humanity, saving the world!

We are always a single generation away from non-existence. That means that our generation can't just “sit this one out”. The dragon of chaos must be slain by each new generation. That requires ordinary men and women, everyday heroes coming together to save civilization again and again in a never ending cycle.

Dating is Your Hero's Journey To Save Western Civilization

We have all seen a movie or read a book that follows the pattern of the Hero's Journey. The hero is usually a fairly normal person, called to partake in a special Quest. On his journey he recruits allies, discovers strength within himself, overcomes temptation and ultimately triumphs over his dragon receiving a grand prize. Then he returns home a changed man, ready for a new Quest.

In the following weeks we will explore the various aspects of the archetypal Hero's Journey and extract practical lessons that we can apply when constructing the story of our own lives. We will cover topics such as:

  • Become the Hero, Raise Your SMV.
  • Recognizing your call to action.
  • Forming your adventure party.
  • Typical Hero's Journey Archetypes (people you encounter on your quest).
  • Resisting temptation.
  • The differences between male and female heros.
  • Slaying your personal dragon.
  • Returning from your Quest triumphantly

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