Hey everybody, You may have noticed that I've recently edited my Patreon to change the reward tiers. Among other changes, I've eliminated the $20/mo and $25/mo tiers, and I've set a cap of ten bucks per month. In addition to that, I've changed the reward tiers so that everyone - one dollar a month and up - gets the same slate of rewards. Assessing my current situation and thinking about something Cory McAbee recently said in regards to his Patreon, I decided that I didn't feel comfortable restricting the amount of access patrons had to my work. Going forward, I won't be accepting any Patreon donations above ten bucks a month, and I'd honestly like to ask folks to keep their maximum donation in the five dollar range. Believe me, you'll be doing my protestant work ethic a favor by limiting your patronage. If you're currently donating at the $3 and $5 level and now you're thinking, "hey, I can get the same rewards for a buck!" then by all means, please, absolutely feel free to cut back a few reward tiers. I absolutely instituted this change expecting my patronage to radically decline, with which I'm totally comfortable. Please feel free to cut back your monthly pledge, I won't hold it against nobody. I do want to thank you sincerely for your support, both up til now and going forward. You are good people, and I'm glad to count you among my pals. Cheers! -Jon