On the Value of Quiet

The best part of the day is between three and five in the morning -  it is the only time the madness of the world quiets down. After that, the great, blind machine starts up again, and the most magical hours are gone. 

In the quietest hours, the magic and majesty of the world, and of simply being, is easy to find - especially if you are also immersed in nature. The rest of the time, the frenetic busyness, mayhem, bustle and noise of the world drowns it out and overshadows  it, and it takes much more effort to find the simple peace and joy of being alive. 

 Quiet time is invaluable, and precious beyond compare. It is what keeps  us real, what keeps us grounded in reality, and reminds us of who and  what we are. The incessantly busy don't know that. They have forgotten  what it means to simply be. That is why the world is so insane; and why it is hell-bent on self-destruction. Slow down, I say. Remember what it is to simply breathe.


It is very important that we know when to take a break, when to be still, when to be quiet, and when to nourish ourselves - in heart and soul, and not only physically; though that is very important too, and also generally neglected.

It is vitally important that we spend at least a few minutes a day, every day, in solitude, stillness, and quiet. It is there that we recollect ourselves, and return to our fuller power, and our fuller clarity of mind, presence of mind, vitality, aliveness, and openness of heart. And it is there where we find our greatest power. 

Slow down, simplify, and make room for quiet time in the day, every day. It is not a luxury - it is a necessity. And the more you nourish your own spirit in the rich depths of silence and solitude, the more you will come to realize its treasures, its richness, and its power.

The masses live as paupers, when there is unimagined richness and power within. Do not live so. It is unbecoming of the dignity of a human being. 

We are not rocks, lumps of earth, doorstops, cattle, or cogs in a machine. But if we never take time to slow down, to be still, to embrace quiet - without distraction, without smart phones or computers, TV, busyness or chatter - then not only are we likely to never know our true depths, or our true power, riches and dignity; but we are very likely on the road to burn-out, to an early old-age, before our time; and even in the present, we are robbing ourselves: not only of great riches in our own lives, but also, in terms of what we have to give to others.

Stillness and quiet are worth more than gold. Seek them out. Create space for them in your life. Cherish them. And plumb their depths. There is a time for action, and a time for stillness; a time for speaking and discussion, and a time for silence. We should make room for both polarities, just as we honour the night as well as the day - or we should, at least.

Nourish yourself. Embrace quiet, and spend some time in quiet and stillness everyday. I promise you, you will be the richer, and the more powerful, and peaceful, because of it.

August 21, 2017