13th of October Release + News
Episode 137 is up and...

I am so, so, so sorry for the late release!

I wasn't late because I was busy/sick/tired or any other reasonable reason. Oh, no, I'm late because I somehow lost one day of my life.

That's right... I thought yesterday was Wednesday...

Feel free to curse me. I deserve it.

For a person with an IQ in the 99th percentile, sometimes I am surprisingly stupid...


And now some good news,

I was rather productive recently which means that I managed to write a lot more than usual. Just because there are no releases doesn't mean that I haven't been writing ;)

The truth is, I've been constantly editing a lot of things, so I've got a bunch of episodes that are basically done but not quite done. 

That means that one of these days (most likely next week) there is going to be a mass release. I might have negative powers of prediction on the scale of power XD but I believe that I'll be making up those owed episodes pretty soon and then we'll be returning to two releases per week schedule. 

And for the end, here is an answer to an interesting question.

Q:  Can spell breaking be applied to Aetherneal bond? 

A: First rule of spell breaking - any spell can be broken. Even divine magic. The question is, does anyone have the capability/knowledge on how to break it?

P.S. Divine magic doesn't work the same way as the other types of magic so the way of breaking it is also different. These ways of spell breaking can't be used for divine magic.