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14: Anchor-- #MoneyWasTime
WOW. We made the goal!!We are utterly without the words to tell you how grateful we are to be here, having successfully raised enough pledges to start planning some MAJOR upgrades to aP infrastructure. Thank you to all our new Patrons. Welcome! We are so excited to have you. We know giving money to Internet strangers can be a little intimidating, so we're forever grateful that you took your chance on us. Thank you to our tried-and-true Patrons, those who stuck with us through all the annoying self-promotion and even helped us along. Thanks to everyone who reached out to us and encouraged us. Thanks to everyone who listened to Timelapse, to everyone who spread the word far and wide. We couldn't have done it without you!We are working hard on getting your backer rewards out to you ASAP. For now, we hope Episode 14: Anchor will suffice. Check in on this page for news about rewards and the planned upgrades, as well as the usual production updates!Until next time,~Mischa(PS: I'm posting this from my day-job. Scripts coming to $5+ patrons in a couple days!)