#140 "Kacha": The perfect answer to difficult questions

One of the first words Israeli children learn is "kacha" - "like this" - especially when they keep asking "lama?" - "why?" - and their parents don't have the strength to answer. You may even have been told "kacha" by your Hebrew teacher when you asked too many grammar questions. Today host Guy Sharett answers all your questions about "kacha," and gives some examples of how it pops up in Israeli slang.

Words & expressions discussed:

Atsuv li she-ze kacha – I am sad it's like this – עצוב לי שזה ככה

Lama? Kacha – Why? Just because – למה? ככה

Kacha ze ba-chayim – C'est la vie – ככה זה בחיים

Ma la'asot? – What can you do? – ?מה לעשות

Kmo she-ze haya, kacha she-yihye – As it was, may it be – כמו שזה היה, ככה שיהיה

Kacha ze mushlam – Like this, it's perfect – ככה זה מושלם

Kacha/lo kacha – Like this/not like this – ככה/לא ככה

Titkasher elay ba-boker, kacha nuchal latset mukdam – Call me in the morning, that way we can leave early – תתקשר אליי מוקדם, ככה נוכל לצאת מוקדם

Kach osot kulan – Così fan tutte – Thus do they all (opera) – כך עושות כולן

Kacha hi ba-emtsa – She's kinda in the middle – ככה היא באמצע

Kacha lo bonim homa – This is not how you build a wall – ככה לא בונים חומה

Kacha lo mitnahagim – This is not how you behave – ככה לא מתנהגים

Ma kacha? – How are things? – ?מה ככה

Kacha ah? – So that's the way it is, huh? – ?ככה, הא

Kacha stam – Just like that – ככה סתם

Kacha kacha – So-so – ככה-ככה